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I've been professional designer using a range of digital mediums for over 10 years. Web, print, retail point of purchase, online shops and mobile apps to name a few. Here's just a few examples.

  • Lance Farina Custom Builder

    LM Farina

    Lance Farina came to me looking for a site that would further establish him as an industry leader in a competitive contractor market. The completed site is visually attractive without taking away from the beauty of Lance's custom homes. The look we created was later applied to a variety of applications including his fleet of vehicles. Click the image to view their site.

  • Event Posters

    Event Posters

    I enjoy designing event posters because of the energy and momentum they convey. I've designed posters and cards for concerts including Shane & Shane, Lincoln Brewster, Seventh Day Slumber, Peter Karrie (Phantom of the Opera) as well as comedian Taylor Mason.

  • PA Farm Show

    PA Farm Show

    The PA Farm Show is one of the largest convention and event facilities in PA. I designed a folder featuring their branding to present information for inquiring show promotors.

  • First Step

    First Step

    I created this digital wallpaper as a part of a Biblical series inspired by the events recorded in Matthew 14.

  • Coffeewiz.com


    I conceptualized and launched Coffeewiz.com for a client in early 2004 when it was one of the first single serve coffee retailers online. Since then, I've worked as the site's marketing director, growing the site into a multi-million dollar online retailer. I created site's designs, graphics, ads and email promotions.

  • 5UP


    5UP was my first experience designing UX for a Facebook app. The app allowed users to easily add an item to their top 5 favorite things of the moment. I designed the logo, app interface and print campaigns to connect with brand sponsors.

  • Care Bean Cafe

    Care Bean Cafe

    The challenge was to conceptualize a POP merchandiser for installation at a local college. I developed a design concept that including the name, logo and kiosk. The Care Bean Cafe would feature a carribean influence and exotic menu of grab-n-go foods influenced by world flavors.

  • Marley Bar

    Marley Bar

    I was brought on to design a complete product line for the Marley Bar. The result? A colorful brand that was consistent across chocolate molds, bar packaging, POP displays and marketing flyers.

  • Pattern of Prayer

    Pattern of Prayer

    The group producing the book for the author brought me on to build a look for this book cover simply with the title "The Pattern of Prayer". The audience was primarliy women which allowed me to explore the use of design elements associated with crafting. Click above to view a larger sampling of ministry related designs.

  • Robert Errico

    Robert Errico

    Robert Errico is a custom home builder along the Jersey Shore. His positive reputation was well known but he had virtually no brand presence when he approached me. I created a logo that conveyed his unique style. The logo was applied to custom designed site I created that featured photos of his home I shot on location. Click the image to view their site.

  • Clear the Park app

    Clear the Park

    I conceptualized a lighthearted mobile game that parodied the events around the Occupy Wall Street movement. The game concept was featured in a CNBC news article and was the Editor's Pick for a week in Oct '12.

  • Women of Passion

    Women of Passion

    Having created hundreds of logos for companies, programs and events, it's diffifult to pick favorites based on design. I'm showcasing a logo concept and proof that was created and approved in an afternoon as an example of an accelerated creative process. Click the graphic to view a PDF sampling of logos I've designed.

  • Maximized Life Journey


    I.V. Hilliard has authored several books on a range of topics relevant to the church. The concept for the Maximized Life Journey created themes that were a joy to create. I started with an adventure themed logo that became the platform for the final book design and web marketing materials that followed. The Maximized Life Journey is now one of his top sellers.

  • Jillian Grace Salon

    Jillian Grace

    Jillian Grace Salon wanted a brand strategy that communicated their sleek, modern tastes. I created an elegant logo, website and print materials using videos and photography I shot on location.

  • Ted Fluehr Jr

    Ted Fluehr

    I'm including this as an example of a comprehensive web project. Working with their existing brand, I created their new site overtop of a content management system. The site features several videos as well as photos that I shot on location in Long Beach Island. Click the image to view their site.

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Video Creator

I really enjoy the art of storytelling. Video on the web is a great medium to tell a story. As a hands-on commercial filmmaker, I perform all aspects of the project including scripting, principle photography, post production editing, graphics and sound. Here are a few examples of videos I've created. Enjoy!

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Brad ThorneI love being creative. For me, creativity is deeper than a career. Creative expression is an integral part of a person - forming one's approach to each experience, project or challenge. I view creative skills the way a painter sees paints on a palette. Like paints, skills can be blended one with another to accomplish the vision. I invite you to explore the paints I've added to my creative palette.



I've learned to analyze a product or program in order to best communicate it's application to the right audience. I use this understanding to develop new products and programs that are sold or licensed.

  • Yumbots


    Interlocking plates that allow kids to build a robot with each meal. Helps keeps condiments and entrees seperate for picky eaters! I created the initial design in Google Sketchup, printed templates for my kids to test with and had a prototype CNC'd from food grade plastic. Currently in development.

  • Toasteez


    A high heat silicone sleeve for bread. Makes designs on toast with any standard household toaster without modification. I created prototypes in the shop. Currently in development.

  • Spotz


    An RFID based handheld device that uses audio cues to encourage language learning in pre-k kids. Placing Spotz stickers around the home, links audio cues to everyday items for quick comprehension.

  • Backyard Infantry

    Backyard Infantry

    Began as a Father's day project, now offered on Etsy. Handmade wooden toy rifles feature a whimsical design using everyday items including a kitchen fork! Allows children to be armed with imagination while defending the fort. Sold through online orders only. In discussion with a local theme park to create a western experience where kids can personalize their rifles in the park.

  • Pleebz


    First patent filed in 2004 for creating 3D heads (for figurines) from 2D photographs. Currently in development to promote an upcoming film with a major studio at events.

  • Prize Monkey

    Prize Monkey

    Co-created with Jerry Broughton, Prize Monkey allows everyday vending machines to talk to mobile devices. Used for mobile commerce and promotions. Recently completed a campaign with Sprint to dispense giveaway items in a mall. Click the image to learn more.

  • Plastic Pennies

    Pattern of Prayer

    I created and launched a program that converts used plastic gift cards into park benches donated to community parks. Currently in development with Home Depot for their card program. Click the image to learn more.

  • Bugga Bugga


    Temporary Tattoos containing vitamins keep bodies healthy while keeping bugs away! We selected as a finalist on Quirky.com

What we are.


I've owned and managed my creative marketing firm for over 10 years. I've been blessed to have worked with clients big and small in a variety of industries.

Here are several key projects I've accomplished -

Marketing Manager, Student Housing

Over the years, I've worked on several student housing projects for clients. The goal is the same with each new project: get occupancy to 110% and maintain. As each campus is unique, the presents a fresh challenge with each project. APEX brought me on to oversee their complete marketing effort for 3 housing campuses valued at over $47 million. My role was comprehensive and required me to gain a deep understanding of 3 distinct college campuses - Penn State York, Kutztown University and Penn State Mont Alto. I hired and trained the marketing teams, developed the marketing strategy and executed the plan designed to acquire leases. The program was successful and the company sold their assets with increased value.

Marketing Manager, eCommerce

Back in 2003, the Evans Company was looking to break into the just forming single serve beverage industry. Very few had heard of Green Mountain, Keurig or K-Cups. I was approached to conceptualize and execute a single serve beverage brand that would serve both residential and commercial markets. We launched Coffeewiz.com in 2004 and quickly grew to become the top online retailer for single serve coffee & tea. Green Mountain Coffee took cues from our design and eventaully launched their flagship site. Since then, I've performed as marketing manager while creating all of the new designs, themes, mailings and graphics for sitewide campaigns growing the site into multi-million dollar sales each year.

Founder, Plastic Pennies

Illinois Schools

In 2008, I registered the domain name for plasticpennies.com after learning that each year, 75 million pounds of plastic waste was thrown away in the form of plastic gift cards. I launched Plastic Pennies as a solution to the growing waste problem. Our approach was straightforward - collect the cards in the stores and keep them out of landfills. To accomplish this, we created a collection pipeline and a process of turning card waste into park benches. Responding to an invitation to be a speaker at the annual Pennsylvania Food Merchants Assocation banquet, I announced the program to over 100 retailers in attendance. Soon after, we placed bins in 27 stores in Northeast PA, made a partnership with the University of Scranton for pickup and began developing a national program with the Home Depot.

In 2012, we partnered with the Illinois school system and their students to collect over 16,000 gift cards. Later that year, I was invited to speak at the annual Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania conference, hosted by the PA DEP, to inspire others to create grassroots solutions to large scale issues. Our family was featured by Central Penn Parent Magazine (Jan 2012) for including our children in the effort.

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